FoodShare Can Help End Hunger on College and University Campuses

It’s hard to study when you are hungry. But there are resources that can help to stretch your budget to buy nutritious food that you need to learn, work, play and live a healthy life.

Access Food Resources

Click to find out more information about SNAP outreach services and other food resources. Connecting to food resources (SNAP or food pantries) can help students stretch their budget. Enabling more money for housing, tuition and other staples to get by.

Get Help Applying for FoodShare

Applying for benefits as a student can sometimes be complicated. You don’t have to figure this out on your own. Let us help! A FoodShare Outreach Specialist can provide more information, do an eligibility screening and assist with an application.

You are Not Alone! - the scope of campus hunger

Campus hunger can’t be summarized by the experience of students eating ramen noodles. 1 in 10 individuals who attend a Feeding America partner food pantry or meal program is a college student (1). Students are diverse. Some are working 2 jobs, struggling to make ends meet while getting a 4 year degree. Others are juggling caring for their children and their coursework.

A Toolkit to Combat Campus Hunger for student allies, friends, and educators

The best way to combat hunger on campus is to equip campus staff and students with the knowledge of resources to fight hunger. Click to find resources to spread the word about SNAP outreach services and other food resources.


Feeding Wisconsin’s College Hunger SNAP Outreach work has been made possible in part by the Walmart Foundation. To learn more see our grant award press release.