"Heat and Eat" and subsidized housing

Have your FoodShare benefits been cut since April 2014? Do you live in subsidized housing? 

Starting in April 2014, changes to FoodShare policy caused many seniors, people with disabilities and families in Wisconsin to see drastic cuts to their monthly benefits. Due to an update in FoodShare policy, recipients living in subsidized housing may have had their benefits incorrectly calculated. You may be eligible to have your FoodShare benefit amount restored AND backdated to when your cut took effect. 

Take these steps to make sure you are receiving the Heating Standard Utility Allowance:

  1. Have your FoodShare case number ready when you call. You can find this number on any letter you have received about your FoodShare benefits. 
  2. Call your local WI Income Maintenance Consortia
  3. Choose the language you prefer
  4. Press 4 for "OTHER"
  5. Press 4 for "REPORT CHANGES"

When a caseworker answers, give them your case number and tell them you live in subsidized housing and need to see if you are receiving the Heating Standard Utility Allowance. You can also visit your local agency and talk to a caseworker in person.