What is FoodShare Wisconsin?

Everyone needs help from time to time. As caring, hard-working Wisconsinites, many of us have helped others when they've been in need. We all pay taxes and receive benefits, like Social Security and unemployment. FoodShare, often referred to as food stamps, is a benefit that can help pay for groceries until you get back on your feet.  

How does it work?

The QUEST Card is a debit-like card that is loaded with your FoodShare benefit every month. It can be used at most grocery stores and many Farmers' Markets. The QUEST Card can even be used to participate in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program or to pay for Meals on Wheels! 

Anyone who is eligible and applies for FoodShare receives the benefit. That means that applying for FoodShare won't take benefits away from anyone else

How do I find out if I'm eligible and apply? 

Visit our eligibility page to learn more about eligibility requirements, and then call the FoodShare Helpline at 1-877-366-3635 or fill out the Contact Us form on this website. We can help you find out if you may be eligible for FoodShare and offer help with the application. Visit our Help with Applications page to learn more!

How much will I receive in FoodShare?

The amount that you receive depends on your household size, household income, and other factors. The minimum amount that an eligible household would receive in FoodShare is $16 per month, equivalent to over $194 per year.